Fantasy, Graphic Novel, Review, Young Adult

Username: Evie | Joe Sugg

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Published: 10/09/2015
Genre: Graphic Novel. Young Adult. Fantasy.
Format: Hardback
Pages: 192

Synopsis (Goodreads)
Like anyone who feels as though they just don’t fit in, Evie dreams of a place of safety. When times are tough, all she wants is a chance to escape from reality and be herself.

Despite his failing health, Evie’s father comes close to creating such a virtual idyll. Passing away before it’s finished, he leaves her the key in the form of an app, and Evie finds herself transported to a world where the population is influenced by her personality. Everyone shines in her presence, until her devious cousin, Mallory, discovers the app… and the power to cause trouble in paradise.

While I was able to race through Username: Evie in a little over an hour, I guess I let my expectations of the idea for this graphic novel become too high due to Joe’s internet fame.

The artwork was good, but I found myself getting lost with the storyline. I mean, it was obvious what was happening, but I just feel that it could have been so much better, if there was more of an explanation to the what could happen in the virtual world.

Overall, I don’t regret reading Username: Evie, but I know that I probably won’t be re-reading it any time soon.


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