Fantasy, Review, Young Adult

Daughter of Smoke and Bone | Laini Taylor

Publisher: Hodder Paperback
Published: 05/08/2012
Genre: Young Adult. Fantasy.
Series: Daughter of Smoke and Bone #1
Format: Paperback
Pages: 420
Rating: ★★★★★

Synopsis (Goodreads)
“Errand requiring immediate attention. Come.

The note was on vellum, pierced by the talons of the almost-crow that delivered it. Karou read the message. ‘He never says please’, she sighed, but she gathered up her things.

When Brimstone called, she always came.”

In general, Karou has managed to keep her two lives in balance. On the one hand, she’s a seventeen-year-old art student in Prague; on the other, errand-girl to a monstrous creature who is the closest thing she has to family. Raised half in our world, half in ‘Elsewhere’, she has never understood Brimstone’s dark work – buying teeth from hunters and murderers – nor how she came into his keeping. She is a secret even to herself, plagued by the sensation that she isn’t whole.

Now the doors to Elsewhere are closing, and Karou must choose between the safety of her human life and the dangers of a war-ravaged world that may hold the answers she has always sought.

-breathes deeply- This book… Wow… I completely fell in love with this from the very first chapter. I mean, who doesn’t love a good book with angels and demons?!

When you first start reading Daughter of Smoke and Bone, be aware. Taylor’s writing literally grabs you by the hand and whispers “Run” and before you realise it, you’re chest deep in her writing and still racing head first through to the end.

I love Kaoru and how she is nothing like any of the other female protagonists in a YA book that I have seen so far. I love the relationship she has with her best friend Zuzana.

I cannot wait to get onto Days of Blood and Starlight and see what else Taylor has in store for this wonderful collection of characters.


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